Relative to the usual standards of an individual or a group, there are some conditions or functions which are significantly impaired and this is known as disability. This refers to the physical impairment, cognitive impairment, mental illness, sensory impairment, intellectual impairment, etc. It also includes many chronic diseases. The concept of disability is that the affected person feels the multidimensional experiences. You should know about the disability types so that you can help others who are facing issues and they are not clear with what type of disability they have. So you can ask them how it affects the work or how it feels and you will get the idea about their disability type.

  1. Vision impairment:

People who are completely blind or have partial blindness, they have vision impairment. You need to be careful with some points when talking to a person who is blind or vision issues. While meeting such a person, you should identify yourself as well the person if anyone is with you. Always try to ask the person if he or she needs assistance or needs some specific instructions. However, you should proper the offer to be refused as such persons do not like to take any help. People should learn how to greet people with vision impairment so that they feel good from inside and not bad.

  1. Hearing impairment:

The range of hearing impairment varies from mild to severe. For the people who find hearing hard, there are many strategies and equipment like lip reading, sign language interpreters, hearing aids and writing instruments. If you are talking to such people, always look towards them and talk straight, so that they can understand the movement of your lips and can get the idea of what you are saying. Always speak in clear words and normal tone unless and until they ask you to talk in a higher tone. Use pen and paper to make them understand the words you are saying.

  1. Mental health condition:

Mental illness is something which affects the brain or mind. There are a lot of issues related to mental illness like anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, depression, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, etc which affect the person’s way of thinking, acting or feeling. People with mental illness are not able to focus or concentrate on the things properly and can be treated through medication and therapies. While talking to such people, you need to make them understand the things in a proper and clear way so that they do not feel any difficulty.

This is all about the disability types which people should know about so that they can help others.

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